commissions open

Who am i?

Im a young ditital artist currently looking for commissions and small projects to take part of.


-Bust up= $5 | extra ch (+$2)
-Halfbody= $6 | extra ch (+$3)
-Thigh up =$8 | extra ch (+$4)
-Full body= $10 | extra ch (+$5)
-Simple bg (flat colors, simple patterns, transparent backgrounds) ($0)

-Semi-complex bg (sunset with poles and stuff, far away mountains) ($2)

-Complex BG (unavailable)

what i will and wont do

♦️ I don't do requests
♦️ I don't do hate art
♦️ I don't do furries (no hate, I just suck at drawing them)

♦️ I can do mecca
♦️ I can do gore
♦️ I can do nsfw (+$2 fee)


♦️ Prices are non-negotiable
♦️ Pay full price before or after sketch
♦️ I use both PayPal and cash app
♦️ I can repost all the commissions i make
♦️ You can repost the commission i made for you without notifying me about it
♦️ If you're gonna use it commercially please notify me about it

(most active on instagram and deviant art)

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